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I give weekly and private classes.


this practice is based on the teaching of  

Master Yogi Ram Ji 

Friday 17.15 - 18.30

@ Ganesha Yoga Lounge 

Hauptstrasse 33, 69117 Heidelberg

tel: 0179.2600793

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The practice of Hatha Yoga from the Himalayan tradition 

proposes a very meditative approach concentrated on the art of breathing. We will focus on Asana (body postures), Pranayama (art of breath) Mantra (science of spiritual power of sound) and Dhyana (meditation).

By practicing this discipline we will strength our body, change our habitual patterns and modify our mental programs. A state of awareness will develop within us and it will start to transform ignorance into awakening. 

Later on, this unity, Yoga, will then manifest in each

moment of our daily life.



Private & Group Online Classes 

Group Classes every Saturday 10.00 - 11.30

with Danilo & Paolo

@ at your home, Live-streamed via Zoom

for further info click here

Kundalini Yoga has a strong mystical and spiritual approach. The mantras are often recited during the exercises to reconnect to the sometimes lost spirituality. 

Through postures (Asanas), movement, breath (Pranayama), holy sounds (Mantra) and meditation (Dhyana) we will reach our higher potential liberating our creative energy.



The classes will be design according to your needs using specific asanas, pranayama, relaxation techniques and meditation.

The aim is to give you the tools to live a healthier life and to put in place everything we learn together in your daily routine. 

A correct way of breathing, a correct posture and a daily meditation, will completely change your way of approaching things; 

working, talking, sleeping...

everything will have a deeper awareness.

Contact me to get more information and to schedule a trial class.


White training clothes are highly suggested for these Practices.



What is a Yatra?

Yatra (from Sanskrit journey, procession) is a pilgrimage, generally made in groups, to holy places and sites where the research and the spiritual growth, as well as the sharing, are the aim of the journey. Therefore since 2010 I decided to help my sister, whom is also a yoga teacher, in organizing this Spiritual Journey. Since then, every year, we bring our students (or anyone who is interested to start or deepen this discipline) to magic India in contact with holy places, holy rivers, temples, ashrams, sharing stories, legends and much more.

The whole Yatras are supported by the daily practice of yoga and meditation.

Please write me an email if you would like to be informed about the next Yatras or check Events.

To see some photos and videos of the previous Yatras, just check my sister's webpage www.stefaniafloreani.com/yatra.




Bring changes to your mind, body and spirit... practice yoga!

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